Saturday, December 13, 2014

Shattering Shake Up!

Hey. Quick sudden unannounced departure! A very temporary one, I can assure you. I want to make sure I get to see all old comrades before we hope on this crazy heist thing and Moth's shattering (Referenced here!) is probably my best chance to do that in one day so I'm gonna go hit that real quick. I should be a day tops if that!

Plus it gives me an opportunity to go kick Nat's ass. The rematch is on and this time it won't end in a draw!

So yeah. That's the jest of it. I'm gonna be going to a personal event for a day. I'm not even gonna bother with a return post. I'll probably just comment on this post to let everyone know I'm back.

Unless I die or something. But even then I won't be writing that post for fuck it!

My best regards! I won't be long.

Keep a song in your hearts!

Ivan out!

Thursday, December 11, 2014


After a series of back and forth emails between myself and one 'V.A.', the details of my team's next mission have been worked out in full.

Unlike previous missions, this is not a delivery, but a...recovery job, as it were. There is an item our client would like us to acquire, steal really, from an uninfected third party. If our client is to be believed(and my research suggests that they are) this item is an important Fear artifact that could potentially be triggered merely by third party possession. As such, we mean to obtain it for V.A., since they are already infected and could not suffer worse having the item in question.

I am told that what we are retrieving is quite valuable. A book of some variety, leather-bound, the image of a quill on the front, writing on the side. Untranslateable language within. Clearly, what we are looking at is related to the Blind Man, a Fear most commonly associated with age or loss of memory. It is unclear whether there will be any supernatural defense of this item, but our client assures me that the book is surrounded by quite tight human security, and thus its acquisition provides a logistical challenge.

I dare say that challenge may prove to be quite enjoyable.

Currently, our whole team is set to undertake this mission, as the risks and requirements of stealing a book from such a well-guarded place necessitate all hands on deck. I suspect that we may encounter some type of supernatural security as well, but that is simply my own personal superstition acting up, and as such I have only accounted for it minimally. V.A., our client, will rendezvous with us prior to the missions acquisition and assist us in claiming it. The book will be handed off to them after and we will part ways.

Since there are a great many parts to this game we will be playing very soon, there may be some delay between our meeting with VA and the mission itself. However, I do not expect this task to take more than one week in the making, and so anyone still in need may feel free to comment or email us looking for assistance. We will attempt to answer any and all requests we receive in this time. Rendezvous with V.A. is set to take place two days from now. Expect more on that as it occurs.


Friday, November 21, 2014

"The Fear Community"

Our blog, finally, has updated with a variety of pages our clients may find useful for enlisting our services. I promised these pages quite some time ago, and regrettably found myself unmotivated to create them soon after, owing to a rather nasty bout of depression. I presume that this is something quite a few of our readers and potential clients can understand, however, in the future I will endeavor to keep up on my work in spite of this issue. I have a mission, as does the rest of my team, and I am not about to jeopardize it.

Within those pages, I frequently mention what I call the "Fear Community." This is by no means an attempt to normalize or belittle the circumstance of those of us ensnared in a world of supernatural horror none of us asked for. Rather, it is my hope that by referring to us all as one whole, I may encourage us to smash the walls that separate us into 'factions'. Proxies and other such Fear followers and so-called "Runners" alike suffer from the presence of Fear in their lives. It does not benefit us to fight each other, but working together, we can create a bond which will protect us from many of the worse horrors we face daily.

It may seem to those reading that I speak from a place of safety and comfort. But I assure you, my own predicament is as precarious as any of your's. Although certain arrangements have been made to protect my team and I, the being known as the "Slenderman" is still quite present in my life. I have seen him, frequently, staring in from the outer edges of our current grounds. Always seeming to be looking at me, despite that complete lack of a face. It seems to me that he is a symbol, a constant reminder of the pain and sorrow I have endured. Still endure, in some cases.

I anticipate resistance over the course of duty with Rain or Snow Services. Thus far, my fellow Couriers and I have been unimpeded, but there will be some who do not take kindly to our mission. Although I have declared us a neutral party, I suspect not all will honor that declaration. I am lucky enough to benefit from a partnership with Fracture, former head of the Free Market, as well as his successor Sloth. We have one of his agents among our ranks, and I am grateful for it. He brings valuable insight and connections to the team which we would otherwise have no access to. The Free Market is currently the largest remaining Proxy organization, and so it is in the spirit of peace that we ally with them for all of our sake's.

I hope those who might disagree with his partnership can see that. Thinking about it now, I should have made a statement on this earlier. That is my fault, and it is another in a long list of mistakes throughout my history. I bring Rain or Snow Services to our community, now, in the hopes that I can atone for those grave errors in judgement on my part. With any luck, our services can bring similar hope to the entire community to which I refer. It may not be much. But, it is something, and it's more than we've had in the past.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Still Here, Just Forgot

Sorry guys! I should have posted a wind down of my delivery to Ember, Malcolm says. Tightlaced bastard. Maybe I don't want to post all of the details of my meet up with an old friend I thought was dead for everyone to see, huh? Just because we have a blog doesn't mean I don't get a private life.

The delivery went well, Ember is very much not dead. There were a lot of tears and hugs. The supplies were deemed extremely useful. More than that is really none of your business.

Sorry, not every delivery is exciting. Nobody tried to stop me, no one got unreasonably hostile, no one sabotaged their own delivery. If you're waiting to hear about how I fucked Ember's brains out, that's really just between the two of us, isn't it? Perverts.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Road trip recounting

We stopped by Gray's place and made a drop-off. Paint, so he could do a bit of cleanup.

Nice kid. His mom's quite nice, though Jeresy wouldn't stop eyeing her up. Seriously, man. Have a little tact. At least he didn't say or do anything too untoward, or else I may have had to play the"jealous girlfriend" card, and that's something neither of us wants to deal with.

Anyway, we had dinner, played the part of school friends, talked with Gray a bit, and headed out. All in all, not a horrible endeavor. Gave the kid my email. Basically got called touchy-feely by Jeresy. Which I object to. Played the part of an overly-chipper overachieving student. It's a wonder what a haircut, different glasses, makeup, and clothes can do to change an appearance.

So, we're back, and in one piece. Sorry for the delay. I got caught up in something right after we returned.

Also, it is not creepy when I smile. You can shut up with that, Jeresy.

Sunday, October 5, 2014


It's important that I note, at this time, a mistake on this blog on my part. Small, but major, as it turns out. Originally the sidebar had our email listed as ''. This was an incorrect address. The proper one is '', minus the 's' at the end of service. It is my error and I apologize for it, as it may have impeded potential clients from contacting us for deliveries. Hopefully, now that this has been corrected, our service will take off some. We shall see.

In addition to this, I hope to bring a number of updates I had promised previously to this blog by tonight or tomorrow's end. Work has taken away from my ability to attend to this blog, but no longer. There will be a suggested/available items list up shortly, along with terms of service that elaborate in more detail as to what we do, and what we don't do. Sanna's comment on Ellen's most recent post has helped me to see that we must be clear not just on what we are, but on what we aren't, as well. Not that I mistook your half-joke for serious, my dear. Nonetheless, it needs to be addressed. Thank you for the assistance.

Also to come are status updates on our current, outgoing deliveries. Ellen is en route to meet with Ember with the supplies taken from our private stock, and Mari and Jeresy are being prepped for their own mission while I await correspondence from Gray. We have accepted his request to deliver paint to him, and I believe Maritza and Jersey are my operatives most fit to take on this job, masquerading as friends of Gray's for the benefit of his mother. That will be updated soon.


I have recently seen a stray kitten, running around the grounds of our base of operations. An orange tabby, to be precise. I do not know if it has a home, but I doubt it. Our base is located several miles from any town, home, or place of business. It must have traveled a very long way to get here. So as to ensure it's good health, I have placed cat food outside where I have seen it frequently. I have decided to call it Alex.


I have no idea why I felt the need to share that.


Friday, October 3, 2014

Last Minute Delivery

Recently, an old friend effectively came back from the dead. No one had heard anything in about two years, as far as I know. I had long since accepted the fact that Ember was probably dead. That blog post proves otherwise, thankfully.

I'm running a bunch of supplies out that way. After being in a loop for two years, one tends not to have much in the way of supplies. Food, weapons, transportation, all the basics any runner's gonna need to do much of anything. I owe Ember a favor from the bad old days, and it'll be good to see an old friend anyway. Mal, I don't know how long I'll be out, so just plan any deliveries in the near future without me unless they look particularly dangerous.

Don't worry, I'll be at least swinging by again  before I vanish, promise. Try not to do anything too stupid while i'm gone.