Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bad Idea Time

I want to state for the record right now that I think this is a terrible damn idea. The last batch's horrible deaths was pretty much inevitable. It's the natural result of running around having to deal with Fears and the lives of those that they want dead. We are probably all going to die horribly for your benefit, random runners who will end up hiring us. That's how this is going to work. I just hope we manage to save enough lives to make this all worth it.

Hi, I'm Ellen. Malcolm is kind of the brains (and the money) behind this whole operation. The whole thing was his idea, and since he's an old friend I decided I should help out. You can think of me as the muscle. If there's a fight, I'll be in the thick of it. Fear cultists try to start some shit? I can start it right back. I'm also the only one here who both knows how to cook and bothers to remember to do so, so I get the dubious privilege of making sure all of that happens.

I'm sure Malcolm will make everyone else put up little intros soon enough, but for now, this is my turn and I want to set a few things straight. No, we're not going to charge you anything, yes, we'll deliver to anyone (even proxies, since we have one on the team), and no, we don't do rescue missions. If you need food or a weapon, we can get those to you. But we can't devote the manpower or resources to getting people out of certain death all action hero style.

We don't charge, but tips are always appreciated. And that's any kind of tip. Information, a good meal, a place to crash before we head back, a bottle of alcohol, whatever. And before you ask, we'll still make the delivery even if you don't give us anything. It just seems polite to give the people who came traipsing across the country to deliver your shit SOMETHING for their trouble.

In any case, we're open for business, as stupid as this whole thing might be. Please don't make us regret this.


  1. I'm gonna give the no rescues rule a Month.

    1. Don't get cute, you bastard. You know my priority here is to keep our people safe as much as possible

  2. Best of luck to you. Seems like a good thing you're doing.